Show Your Patriotism With Lights

School’s out for the summer and the 4th of July is almost here! While some places don’t allow fireworks, all places allow the chance to express our patriotism. It’s practically written in the constitution. Decorative ability depends in part on available outlets, extension cords, and window setup, but don’t let anything but your creativity hold you back. Here are some ways and places to decorate for the 4th of July. 

Globe Lights

globe string lights
If you love the globe light trend and want something a little more seasonally specific, look no further! These cheery round bulbs are perfect for any patriotic celebration. The alternating red, white, and blue bulbs make great backdrops for photographs, and offer a sophisticated décor option to choose from. 

Window Decorations

lighted window decoration

If you don’t have a lot of personal outdoor space where you can hang lights, this flag window decoration is an easy alternative to those decorating dilemmas. A five-foot lead cord gives you plenty of flexibility and mobility, as the lighted flag decoration is safe indoors or outside. Fifty red, white, and blue incandescent bulbs give a subtle nod to the fifty states without overpowering the design. A suction cup adds to the easy placement option. Stars and stripes forever!

For the remaining star lights we’re taking a Goldilocks approach and showing small, medium, and large sized lights. It’s up to you to decide which one is just right for you.

Small Star Lights

LED star lights
These LED star lights are a jaunty twist on a classic. Alternating red, white, and blue LED lights are housed in a five-pointed star covering that allow the light to reflect and twinkle accordingly. Here we layered them in the bottom of the window sill to create a bit of visual depth without overpowering the whole window, but these LED patriotic string lights can be hung indoor or outside. They create a delightfully decorative statement while remaining subtle and stately.

Medium Star Lights

star string lights
These stars are a bigger spin on the classic light strand motif. The stars are big enough to make a statement but small enough not to steal the show. Ten red, white, and blue stars are evenly spaced along the 9.5 foot strand. We gently draped the strand over a porch bench and it perfectly spanned the length of the bench. Easily hung over front doors or draped on railings, these sparkling patriotic stars provide a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Big Star Lights

star icicle lights
If you want a bold star, this is the papa bear of star string lights. Five stars are lit up with red, white, and blue lights. The patriotic stars dangle like traditional icicle lights, perfect for railings or rooftop hanging. Out of the ten lights on each star, two bulbs twinkle in a random pattern to create a star to wish upon. The twinkling patriotic star icicle lights are sure to be the perfect decoration for the upcoming holiday.

What are some ways you plan on decorating this 4th of July? Let us know in the comments!