Mum's the Word: Decorating and Gift Ideas for Mother's DayMother’s Day is just around the corner, but there’s always reason and ways to celebrate that special woman that we call Mom. Each Leading Lady in our lives is different and unique, and honoring her should be just as personal. Below are some decorating and gift ideas to help make her day a little more personal.

Wooden Frame with Hanging Glass Jars. This rustic wooden frame is a subtle way to incorporate a vintage feel into any room or celebration. 5 jars hang on twine from a 20 inch wooden frame, creating the perfect setup for an indoor garden or a cozy flameless tea light decoration. Mounting hooks create easy installation, and the visual aesthetics are bound to bring a sense of country charm suitable for any occasion.

wooden frame with glass jars

Lighted Cherry Blossom Branch. May Day just passed, although the May Day tradition of leaving baskets of flowers and treats on someone’s doorstep and running away isn’t as practiced as it used to be. However, this time of year means flowers are now available in much greater variety. Leaving flowers or other tokens of appreciation for Mumsie shouldn’t be anonymous.

cherry blossom branch

Floral lights subtly combine the gentleness of both flowers and lights, creating a soft aesthetic suitable for many occasions. While the cherry blossom season is almost over, these LED lighted cherry blossom branches are guaranteed to give a permanent sense of calm that naturally comes with these cloud-like blossoms. These flexible branches are subdued enough to be incorporated into other floral arrangements, yet are sophisticated enough to be a stand-alone piece.

Candle Lights. The only thing worse than spilling orange juice in bed is spilling a lit candle in bed. If breakfast in bed is how you’re planning on honoring Mom this year, consider using a flameless candle alternative. These three candles are battery operated and pose no threat to lighting anything on fire or giving the smoked bacon a second-smoked flavor. Complete with a decorative board and pebbles, these candles are a thoughtful gesture of appreciation.

flameless pillar candle display

Hurricane Lanterns. Although hurricane lanterns serve a useful purpose in the case of emergencies, they've actually also become an extremely popular home décor item. Most styles can be displayed indoor or out and depending on the décor scheme you're going for, there's most likely a hurricane lantern available that will fit your style. Illuminated with battery operated flameless LED candles, these hurricane lanterns are a safe way to brighten any home creating a calm, welcoming atmosphere. As an added benefit, your Mom is sure to love them.

hurricane lanterns

If your Mother's Day includes more energetic activities, consider these decorations suitable for a more mobile celebration.

Bicycle Safety Light Combo. In most locales, the weather is nice enough to start spending more time outdoors for longer. Bicycle ridership has increased, and rider safety is increasing with it. These bicycle safety lights are a small yet effective way to get noticed. The combo pack includes a white light suitable for the front of the bicycle, while the red light is appropriate for the rear of the bike. Easy on, easy off application allows for versatility in decoration. Enjoy some time outside with Mom and have one less safety measure to worry about.  

bicycle safety light