Lighted Tableware and Glasses for Parties and Events

When you start to plan decorating for a party – whether it’s a formal event such as a wedding or anniversary, a fun birthday celebration, or a lively outdoor patio party – usually one of the first things you visualize is using lights. These can be string lights, fairy lights, lanterns, or even lots of candles. We bet you never thought of adding extra sparkle to your event with lighted tableware and glasses!

1. Light-Up Champagne Glasses. These champagne glasses are elegant enough for any event. The frosted base and stem are not only beautiful, but also provide the stunning light effect. Red, blue, green and white LEDs are housed in an innovative base which can be removed so the glass can be put in the dishwasher.

lighted tableware 
Light-Up Martini  Glass.  Our light up glassware comes in several different versions, including this martini glass. The Martini glass has a multi-color, multi-function LED light base, and holds 7 oz. of liquid.  All of our light-up glasses can also be used for serving desserts or creating unique lighted real-glass centerpiece displays.

lighted glassware 
Light-Up Soda Cup. There’s no reason why the teens and tweens can’t also enjoy a party with lighted drinks! This light-up soda cup is made out of styrene and features LED lights that can be made to blink, or flash.

lighted glassware


5. Lighted Ice Cubes. If you plan to use your own glassware you can still give your guests the thrill of lighted drinks by using light-up ice cubesThese floating LED lights add punch to your punch bowl and color to your cocktail. Each cube has on on/off push button to set on a steady glow or on one of the two flashing modes. Each unit is tightly sealed to ensure that it is waterproof and safe to use.

lighted ice cubes 
6. Table Skirt Lights. Since you are lighting your glassware, why not go all out and light up the entire table, too?  The possibilities are endless! This multi-color table skirt light is placed under a table to easily create an illuminated effect. Place them directly on the floor under the table, or mount them on the underside of the table top itself.

table light 
table light

The cocktail table skirt light has a hole in the middle where you can put the table post. This light can be set on steady red, green, blue or white and can also do a color changing rainbow mode.

table light