Tall Flameless LED Votive Candles, Melted Wax Edge, 4 Pack, TIMER

Tall Flameless LED Votive Candles, Melted Wax Edge, 4 Pack, TIMER
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These battery operated LED votive candles are the perfect addition to home and event décor. Each candle measures 3 inches tall and 1 3/8 inches in diameter, offering these votive candles the appearance of mini "pillar" candles. Battery operated, the flickering amber LEDs offer these votive candles a lifelike flame effect. The timer feature allows for added convenience. Set them on the timer function and the candles will remain lit for four or eight hours, turn off for 20 or 16 hours respectively, and automatically turn on at the same time they were lit the previous day. Incorporate them in your home décor or display them at weddings and special events. See all the flameless candles.

  • Pack of four 3"H x 1 3/8"D pillar candles
  • Made of real wax 
  • Flickering amber LED flames 
  • Each candle requires 2 x AA batteries (sold separately) 
  • Indoor Use Only
  • 4 hour or 8 hour timer feature
  • Batteries provide up to 60 days of use, depending on timer setting

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