Commercial Grade Drop String Lights, 10 Clear Bulbs, 21 ft Black Wire

Commercial Grade Drop String Lights, 10 Clear Bulbs, 21 ft Black Wire
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These commercial grade drop string lights are a unique alternative to tradtional string lights with the bulbs connected via "drop" wires that hang 3 inches from the base wire. Measuring 21 feet long with ten clear A15 incandescent bulbs, their weather proof design makes these string lights an ideal choice for outdoor events and for long term use. Whether using them for weddings, special events or everday home enjoyment, these drop string lights are perfect for illuminating backyards, patios, decks, gardens, gazebos and tents. Also available with white wire. See all the globe lights.

  • Bulb Type: Incandescent A15, 15 Watt Glass Bulb
  • Light Count: 10
  • Lighted Length: 18.5 ft., overall length is 21 ft
  • Bulb Spacing: 24 in.
  • Lead Length: 18 in.
  • Tail Length: 12 in
  • Drop Length: 3 in. (from wire to start of socket) 
  • Wire Color: Black
  • Plug Type: Fused
  • End-to-End connectable: Yes, up to 3 strands 
  • Grade: Indoor / Outdoor Use
  • Power (Strand): 125 V

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