Fairy Lights, LED, 7 Foot, Hearts, Silver Wire, Battery Op, Red

Fairy Lights, LED, 7 Foot, Hearts, Silver Wire, Battery Op, Red
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Show that special someone you care with our 7 foot strand of heart shaped LED fairy lights. Each strand is made of ultra thin bendable silver wire and is adorned with 20 red fairy lights that are inlaid into red acrylic hearts. The strand measures 7 feet long and requires two AA batteries (sold separately). Use them to embellish floral arrangements, table centerpieces, holiday wreaths, mantles, and so much more! Shop all our Fairy Lights.

  • Bulb Type: Heart LED Fairy Lights
  • Bulb Color: Red
  • Light Count: 20
  • Lighted Length: 6 feet 
  • Overall length: 7 feet
  • Lead Length: 12 inches
  • Tail Length: 0 inches
  • Bulb Spacing: 4 inches
  • Wire Color: Silver
  • Battery Type: 3 x AA batteries (Sold separately)
  • Battery Pack Size: 2.75 x 1.25 x 0.75 inches
  • Grade: Indoor use
  • Ideas: Valentine's day decor, dinner date centerpiece, Holiday lighting

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