Creating Floral Lighting with Fairy Lights

Fairy lights - You've probably seen these delicate, dainty lights adorning patios and gardens creating a fantasy like feel to outdoor eateries and walkways, providing a warm glow as holiday lights and wedding lights, or adding sparkle to home decor.

In addition to their many uses as accent lighting, fairy lights are also a creative tool for designing lighted floral arrangements for centerpieces and other decorative uses. Among the many styles of fairy lights available are those that look like glimmering water droplets. As beautiful as water droplets are in nature, these fairy lights are just as beautiful when added as enhancements to floral arrangments.
fairy lights
There are a few techniques for easily turning your floral arrangements into lighted centerpieces.

1. Simply wrap fairy lights around your flowers much like you would with Christmas tree lights, providing that same type of overall glow throughout the floral arrangement.

This can be accomplished with strands of fairy lights:

Fairy Lights

Or with fairy light garland:

fairy light garland

2. Use fairy lights to decorate flowers and/or the vase itself. Wrap lights around the vase or drape them to create the illusion of cascading water. Or, for an added floral effect, you could use fairy light flowers.

Flower fairy lights

3. Place waterproof fairy lights in the vase under your flowers so that the light emanates through them. With this technique you may want to add water gel pearls to your vase to position fairy lights under. With this technique it is suggested that a clear vase be used, as this method also serves as lighting through the vase itself.

Water Gel Gems

Fairy lights

Sure to impress, whichever technique you choose, this floral lighting will add beauty to your home, party, wedding, or any special event!