Decorative Lighting: Illuminating Glass Gems with FloraLytes

Glass Gems

Perfect for wedding centerpieces, holiday, party and home decor, glass gems add a finishing touch to your floral, candle and other decorative arrangements. They come in a variety of styles that provide a unique flare and give dimension to vases and votives.
Glass gems


A revolutionary product, FloraLytes are miniature self powered lights. Perfect for lighted centerpieces and arrangements including wedding light centerpieces, holiday light arrangements and for other special event lighting, they can be used to illuminate corsages, floral arrangements, ice displays, centerpieces, table settings and more. In addition to event uses, they are also perfect for costumes, masks, art lighting and just about any decorative lighting use you can imagine.

Submersible FloraLytes

Creating Ambiance by Combining Glass Gems and FloraLytes

Create unique and professional looking centerpiece lights and decorative arrangements with floral lighting by using FloraLytes. Simple to do and inexpensive, this floral lighting provides soft lighting for weddings, parties and any special event. Festive, romantic, tranquil - whatever the mood, choose the submersible FloraLyte color and clear Glass Gems style that best suits the atmosphere.

1. Choose 3-5 submersible FloraLytes
2. Turn on by twisting the base, and place in the bottom of your vase.
3. Arrange clear glass gems over FloraLytes.
4. Add water and fresh or silk flowers.
5. Step back and admire your beautiful arrangement. Your guests certainly will!

FloraLyte Centerpiece