Turn Your Christmas Lights into New Year's Eve Lights: Counting Down 5 Ideas

Is 2013 the year you resolve to make a bigger commitment to reusing and recycling, or just saving money?  Set yourself up for success by reusing your Christmas lights to light up your New Year’s Eve celebration!  We are counting down five ways to bring the sparkle you already have to your New Year’s Eve celebration to really make it shine:

5. Serve Up Your Lights

Get the fun started by adding colorful string lights to your table’s centerpiece or serving area.  Place the lights next to reflective objects such as mirror balls and shiny glass dishes to add to the shimmer, and set them to flash or twinkle to create a party atmosphere.

Multicolor LED String Lights

4. Dress Up Your Lights

Accessorize your string lights!  Tying party objects like tinsel, streamers, pennants, cups, or balloons on the wire of your light strands can make for a fun and festive decoration.  Wrap them, stream them above, or get creative and hang them vertically!  We advise using LED String Lights (which don’t burn hot), and be careful not to pierce the wire.

3. Wear Your Lights

Light up a room- literally!  Wear your favorite battery operated string lights, fairy lights or EL wire on your clothing or hat and become the "light" of the party! You can even illuminate your favorite hairstyle by incorporating our fun and festive glowby hair barrettes!

2. Countdown in Lights

Make your own lighted New Year’s ball (or variation thereof).  Shape chicken wire into a ball and wrap it in your Christmas string lights to mimic the favorite New Year’s Eve ball dropping.  Hang it from an outdoor tree or upstairs railing and light it up as the countdown concludes.

1. Light Up the Night...and the Year in Lights!

Spell out “2013” using your string lights.  Better yet, change up the function settings and make it twinkle, flash, or light steady.  No matter how you choose to display it, there is no mistaking that 2013 will be bright!

Want a few more ideas on how to save money with Christmas lights?  Try using LED lights, (which are less expensive to run), look for battery operated lights or candles that have a timer function for automatic shut-off, and stock up on lights and holiday decorations when they are marked down during and after the holiday.  

Congratulations on succeeding with your New Year’s resolution before the New Year!  What other ideas do you have to reuse your Christmas lights this New Year’s Eve?  Be sure to send us photos or links so we can join the celebration!

Have a Happy and Safe New Year and cheers from all of us at Lights For All Occasions!