Unique Christmas Lights For Your Winter Wonderland

Can you imagine the holidays without lights?  Neither can we.  Many of our fondest memories and traditions are associated with the magic of Christmas lights.  And while the traditional Christmas lights that we have known and loved for years are still synonymous with the wonder of the holidays, there are many more options these days when it comes to incorporating Christmas lights into our holiday decorations.  

If you are wanting Christmas string lights that are a little more creative, less predictable and more aligned with your personal style, then continue reading to see some unique Christmas lighting ideas.  (And, to revisit standard Christmas lights and their various features, check out “Your Guide To Christmas String Lights” Part I and Part II.)  

Are snowflakes one of your favorite things?  Capture the sparkle of glistening snowflakes with one of these variations of snowflake string lights

Snowflake LED Fairy Lights

Snowflake Fairy Lights

Snowflake String Lights, Silver Wire

Snow Flake Lights

Blue and Clear Snowflake String Lights

LED Snowflake String Lights

Or, are you star struck?  The elegant shimmering of star string lights (in white or multi-colored) can be the perfect addition to a star-lover’s tree and decor.  If it’s just the warm twinkle of stars that you adore, then maybe a starlight sphere is what you want.  Either way, star string lights are so versatile that they can be used for any occasion.

LED Multicolor Star String Lights

Star String Lights

Lighted Starlight Spheres

Starlight Sphere

For those yearning to capture a more traditional Christmas feel, candle string lights can give any tree an old-fashioned, classic glow.  Or, put a modern twist on the traditional Christmas candle with bright and festive Christmas Bubble string lights

Candle String Lights

Candle String Lights

Bubble String Lights

Bubble Lights

But string lights aren’t your only option for personalizing your winter wonderland!  Deck your halls with unique lighted garlands (like this lighted crystal beaded garland), share your jolly spirit with neighbors by displaying lighted Christmas window decorations, and wrap up your holidays with lighted ribbons for gifts that are sure to light up the faces of those that open them.

Of course, this doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for your favorite icicle lights, net lights, and rope lights (and, yes, we have those too!).  This just goes to show that there is no wrong way to decorate with lights, as long as they bring you holiday cheer.  Here’s hoping your holidays are as bright as they are merry!

Tell us how you personalize your Christmas lights- do you have a favorite type of light or way to display them?  We love great ideas, what are yours?