Your Guide to Christmas Lights, Part I

While retail stores have had their holiday decorations displayed since September, most people are just starting to pull out their holiday decorations at home and are thinking about hanging Christmas Lights.  Whether you have some light strands that need replacing or you want to see the latest trends in Christmas string lights, we have created this two part Guide to explain the many different types of indoor and outdoor string lights.  

When it comes to Christmas string lights, the bulb shapes usually fall into one of these categories (and sometimes multiple categories).

Christmas Lights bulbs:

These are commonly thought of as the original outdoor Christmas light with their larger, rounded flame shape.  More recently, these lights have increased in popularity due to their vintage appeal.

Red C7 Lights 

Globe bulbs:

Globe String Lights (also called Bistro Lights and Cafe Lights) are rounded spheres that are favored for their elegance and simplicity as bare hanging lights.  Read this blog post for detailed information about the different globe bulb sizes and types.

Mini globe lights: These string light bulbs are also rounded spheres, only much smaller than the larger globe bulbs, making them a fun and unique choice of string light.

Mini Globe Lights

Miniature lights:  By far the most popular type of Christmas string lights, these bulbs are the miniature string lights that most people associate with Christmas trees and decorations.  Due to their versatility, they are considered a standard when decorating with lights for the holidays.

Mini Classic Lights

Rice Lights:  These unique lights have very small bulbs, about the size and shape of a grain of rice (hence the name).  They are a preferred choice of string lights when a low glow is desired, making them perfect for intimate holiday occasions and especially popular for weddings.

Rice String Lights

Polka Dot Lights: 
Polka Dot String Lights also have a small bulb, but in a cylindrical shape.  The light from these bulbs tends to be brighter and more direct, as in a “polka dot” effect, which makes them a festive choice of string lights for the holidays.  

Polka Dot String Lights

Fairy Lights:

These whimsical lights are favored for unique and creative home and holiday decorating.  Often on a flexible, bendable wire, these tiny, sparkling lights mimic the brilliance of dewy drops of water.  Highly versatile, Fairy Lights can be added to holiday decorations, used for trimming your Christmas tree, or used by themselves as part of your holiday lights display.

120 Fairy Lights

Now that you know your Rice Lights from your Fairy Lights, we can take a look at the other features of Christmas lights. In Part II of “Your Guide to Christmas String Lights” we will discuss the different types of bulbs used in string lights (such as LED lights), as well as some of the different bulb textures, color options, and wire properties and functions (like battery operated lights). Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed so you don’t miss it! Pin It!