How to Create Halloween Displays with Flameless LED Candles

Whether you're throwing a huge Halloween bash, having a small gathering with friends, or simply expecting a visit from your neighborhood trick-or-treaters, there's never an occasion too big or too small to express your love for Halloween. Cackling witches and dancing skeletons aside, one decorative option that is often overlooked are candles. Candles can be used with great effect to create any kind of atmosphere whether if be a warm and inviting one for your average Halloween party goer, or an eerie one for the haunted house enthusiast. But with concern for safety and wax spills, it's understandable why candles are often forgone as a choice of decoration.  But what if there were a way to offer the appearance of candlelight without the risk of fire? There is! The answer is simple. Flameless LED candles. Flameless LED candles are safe, long lasting, clean "burning" and available in a wide assortment of realistic styles and designs making them ideal for any of your decorating needs. Another benefit of faux flame candles is that with the absence of flame and melted wax comes the ability to display your candles in ways you never could before. With a little creativity you can easily and affordably turn almost any flameless candle into a festive Halloween display. Here are just a few ideas to help get those creative juices flowing.

The candle is the most important aspect of the display so you want to begin by choosing which flameless candle you'd like to showcase. With everything from tea lights to pillar candles, from flickering flame to no flickering flame, and available in a variety of colors, the choice simply comes down to preference, so go take a look at our Candle Lights page and decide what would best suit your needs. Once you've done that, the hardest part is over! The next thing you want to do is search through your home cabinets, drawers, and closets for any objects that are big enough to house your candle of choice. For my displays I was able to find some floral vases, wine glasses, and a crystal platter. If after much searching you still can't find something to display your candles in, it's probably time to hit your local dollar store. They usually have a large assortment of vases, stemmed glassware, and candle holders that are very affordable at the low price of one dollar. This brings me to the next step. Embellishments.

Once you've chosen your candle and container, the next thing to do is dress it up! This is where you really want to get creative. Seeing as I'm focusing on Halloween displays, I chose to showcase a set of our orange and black tea lights. With the flip of a wine glass, what once was the base of the glass becomes the perfect place to situate a tea light. I looked through my ribbon drawer and found a scrap piece of orange ribbon to tie around the stem of the glass and then I placed a black rose (purchased from the dollar store) underneath the glass. To add a little texture and variation in color I placed a couple pieces of candy corn along the edge of the tea light, because let's face it, what's more festive than candy corn? As festive as candy corn may be, I find the stuff revolting to  eat, but you can find it everywhere at this time of year and it's cheap, so why not use it as a vase filler? When searching my cabinets I found a vase that was slightly larger in diameter than one of the pillar candles I wanted to display. I didn't like how much shorter the candle was than the vase so I used some candy corn as a vase filler to raise the candle a bit. I quickly wrapped some overlapping orange and black ribbon around the vase to add some color variation and there you have it! A very festive Halloween display that was quick, easy and affordable. Another great vase filler I discovered were spider rings. I got a bag of black and orange spider rings at the dollar store and simply dumped them into a wide mouthed candle holder, completing it by placing a tea light on top. It dosn't get much easier than that, but the effect was great.

These are just a couple of ideas on how you can embellish your flameless LED candles to create festive Halloween displays. The best part? The containers and many of the candles can be reused for future holiday displays. With a simple change of ribbon and vase filler you can go from Halloween, to Thanksgiving to Christmas just like that, so go choose a candle and start creating!