Paper Star Lantern, 24 inches, Red & Brown Sunflower

Paper Star Lantern, 24 inches, Red & Brown Sunflower
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As seen on MTV's unplugged series, this 24" star lantern is a fantastic choice for illuminating any special event. Each lantern is designed with intricate cutouts that are lined with colored, translucent paper providing a soft warm glow. Each lantern is sold without a light source, making it easy to customize the type of lighting you want on display. Attach a lantern to our single socket electrical cord to display individually, or attach three lanterns to our triple socket electrical cord. Customize your lighting further still by choosing the color of bulb you attach to the socket. Choose traditional warm white, or switch it up with a colored bulb.

The lanterns can also be attached to our commercial grade heavy duty string lights if needed in larger quantity or can be illuminated quickly and simply by attaching our battery operated LED paper lantern light.. No matter how you choose to light it, these star lanterns offer a fun and unique lighting solution to any special occasion. An additional bonus it that the lanterns fold flat making for easy storage.

  • One 24" paper star lantern, Red & Brown Sunflower Motif
  • Lantern only
  • Light source options include single or triple socket electrical cord, commercial grade string lights and battery operated LED paper lantern light (all sold separately)

Red and Brown Paper Star Lantern

24 Inch Red and Brown Paper Star Lantern