Pillar Candle, 5 inch, White Wax, Amber LED Flame

Pillar Candle, 5 inch, White Wax, Amber LED Flame
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Price: $7.95

The wax LED pillar candle is the flameless alternative to the standard wax candle. These battery operated luminaries provide a warm amber light with a realistic flicker. This product has a light quality that is strikingly similar to a traditional wick candle. Great for restaurants, promotional events, parties, receptions, weddings, Christmas and home decor.

  • Real wax candle, not just wax coating
  • Realistic flickering amber light mimics flame
  • Runs on 2 x AA Batteries (sold separately)
  • About 200 hours from one set of batteries
  • 3 inch diameter, 5 inches high
  • On/off switch and battery replacement on bottom of candle
  • 2 Sizes to choose from: 5 inch and 9 inch

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