Candle Lamp Replacement Bulb, Clear Silicone Swirl, 5W/120V, 2 Pack

Replacement Bulb, Clear Silicone Swirl Flickering 5 Watt 120V for Electric Candle Lamps, Pack of 2
SKU:  DR-6201-65
In stock
Price: $2.95

These replacement bulbs for electric candle lamps feature an incandescent bulb with a swirled clear silicone tip. These bulbs produce the wispy look of a real flame. This bulb is for use with 5 Watt 120V Electric Candle Lamps.

  • Candelabra base
  • 5 Watt 120 Volt
  • 2 replacement bulbs per package
  • Silicone swirl simulates flame shape

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