Commercial String Lights, LED, Twinkling, White Wire, 22ft, Warm White

Commercial String Lights, LED, Twinkling, White Wire, 24ft, Warm White
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Decorate with sparkling lighted splendor with these strands of 70 5mm wide angle LED white string lights on a white wire. Every fourth LED twinkles for a sparkling light effect.  Wide angle bulbs are also known as polka dot lights. Has "Full-Wave Rectification" (FWR) technology for brighter and more vivid colors compared to conventional lights and lower-quality LEDs. 3-month limited factory warranty included.

  • Bulb Type: "Semi-twinkling" 5mm wide angle LED lights
  • Light Count: 70
  • Lighted Length: 22 feet
  • Bulb Spacing: 4 inches
  • Lead Length: 5 inches
  • Tail Length: 6 inches
  • Wire Color: White
  • Plug Type: Fused Stackable
  • End-to-End connectable: Yes, up to 43 strands
  • Grade: Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Power (Strand): 120V
  • Ideas: White Christmas Lights, Outdoor Christmas Lights