Mini-Globe String Lights, 17.5 Foot White Wire, White

Mini-Globe String Lights, 17.5 Foot White Wire, White
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Our mini-globe string light with white bulbs completes wedding and holiday designs. This 19.5 foot white wire holds fifty 8 mm globe bulbs and is indoor and outdoor compatible. With end to end connectivity, attach up to 3 more strands to fill an entire room. Abound your Christmas tree in these globe lights, or create an accent in your dining area with these brilliant bulbs. Find the ideal lighting for your home, holiday or event with our globe string light collection!

  • Bulb Type: Incandescent miniature 8mm globe
  • Light Count: 50
  • Lighted Length: 17.5 feet
  • Bulb Spacing: 4.5 inches
  • Lead Length: 12 inches
  • Tail Length: 12 inches
  • Wire Color: White
  • Plug Type:  Fused, Stackable
  • End-to-End connectable:  Yes, up to 3 strands
  • Grade: Indoor / Outdoor Use
  • Power (Strand): 120 Volt

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