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Mini-Globe String Lights, 17.5 Foot White Wire, White

Mini-Globe String Lights, 17.5 Foot White Wire, White
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This strand of mini globe string lights has 50 8mm globe bulbs on a 19.5 foot white wire that uses a standard two prong plug and can be used indoor and outdoor. End-to-end connectable, these warm white string lights are perfect for brightening weddings, home décor and special events. 
  • Bulb Type: Incandescent miniature 8mm globe
  • Light Count: 50
  • Lighted Length: 17.5 feet
  • Bulb Spacing: 4.5 inches
  • Lead Length: 12 inches
  • Tail Length: 12 inches
  • Wire Color: White
  • Plug Type:  Fused, Stackable
  • End-to-End connectable:  Yes, up to 3 strands
  • Grade: Indoor / Outdoor Use
  • Power (Strand): 120 Volt

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