Floating LED Candle Tea Lights, 4 Pack, Flickering White

Floating LED Candle Tea Lights, 4 Pack, Flickering White
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Few lights make better decoration than our fabulous Floating LED Tea Light Candles! Each package comes with 4 tea light candles, each supplied with their own CR2032 battery (replaceable). They are water activated, so simply press the on-button at the base of the candle, place them in water (or other liquids if you feel creative!) and watch them go! Unlike a real flame candle, they will not go out when wet (they are waterproof). They flicker white, just like a real candle. Perfect for weddings, Halloween, or anything else, these tea lights are a must-have!
  • Uses CR2032 batteries, included and replaceable
  • Water activated sensors on the bottom of the candle
  • Flickering white flame
  • 1.5 in. diameter

Image courtesy of ginatepper.com.
Shown with Natural Birch Tube. (sold separately.) Learn how to make this centerpiece yourself here.
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