Red Christmas Lights

Create a dazzling Christmas lighting display with Red Christmas tree lights. Red Christmas lights come in assorted sizes and shapes and include both indoor and outdoor lights. Discover our new candy cane, red and white string lights. Mix and match them with tiny LED red Christmas lights with large traditional bulbs to create visual rhythm. Let bring to life your Christmas lighting vision with a variety of red Christmas string lights. Discover more Christmas sting lights.

Peppermint String Lights, 50 Lights, Indoor/Outdoor
Price: $7.95
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Peppermint String Lights, Cluster, 150 Lights, Indoor/Outdoor, Peppermint
Price: $11.75
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String Lights, 100 Bulbs, Indoor or Outdoor, Green Wire, Plug-In, Red
Regular Price: $10.95
On Sale For: $2.47
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Fairy Moon Lights, LED, 4 foot, Silver Wire, Battery, Red
Regular Price: $3.95
On Sale For: $0.97
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