Cool White Fairy Lights

Cool white fairy lights are tiny, super bright white LED lights on an ultra thin, flexible wire. Sometimes referred to as Firefly lights or Starry lights, they are great for creating vibrant, bright centerpiece, adding light to costumes, and incorporating light into event, wedding and home decor. Some are plug-in electric while others are battery operated. The battery operated fairy lights are submersible up to the battery pack unless otherwise stated. See all our Fairy Lights.

LED Fairy Lights, Timer, 10 Foot Silver Wire, 30 LEDs, Cool White
Price: $7.95
In stock
Fantasia LED Fairy Lights, Silver Wire, 11 Foot, cool White
Price: $23.95
In stock
Fairy Berry String Lights, Battery Operated, 12 Foot Silver Wire, White
Price: $20.99
In stock
Fairy Lights, LED Stars, Silver Wire, 33 ft, Battery Op, Cool White
Price: $16.95
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LED Fairy Lights, Timer, Silver Wire, 20 Foot, Cool White
Price: $11.95
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Fairy Lights, Submersible LEDs & Battery Pack, Floral Lights, 9 feet, Cool White
Price: $8.25
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