Outdoor Fairy Lights

These LED fairy light strands are rated for outdoor use, with most being water resistant and submersible up to the battery pack. Sometimes referred to as Firefly lights or Starry lights, their cool-to-the-touch LED lights and ultra-thin wire is highly flexible, making them the ideal for incorporation into floral arrangements, event and wedding centerpieces and home decor. See all our Fairy Lights.

Fairy Lights, Submersible Crystal Beads LEDs & Battery Pack, 9 ft, Purple
Regular Price: $16.99
On Sale For: $6.95
In stock
Fairy Lights, 10 LED strand Spray, 6 ft, Multifunction, Warm White
Price: $32.95
In stock
Mason Jar Fairy Lights, Wide Mouth Quart Jars, Warm White Lights, Set of 12
Price: $94.95
In stock
String Light, Outdoor Battery Operated, Micro LED, Orange, 18 Lights
Price: $6.95
Out of stock
Fairy Lights, Submersible LEDs & Battery Pack, Floral Lights, 9 feet, Blue
Price: $13.45
Out of stock
Fairy Lights, 5 Submersible LEDs & Battery, Floral, 6in. Stems, Purple
Price: $4.45
Out of stock
Green Mason Jar Fairy Lights, Pint, Small Mouth, Warm White, 6 Pack
Price: $48.39
Out of stock
Fairy Lights, 60 LEDs, 9.8ft, Battery Op, Multifunction, Timer, Orange
Price: $14.95
Out of stock
Fairy Lights, 10 strand Spray, 120 LEDs, 6ft, Multifunction, Warm White
Price: $31.95
Out of stock
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