Wedding Decor

Gold and White Wedding Table

Make your special day one you will never forget with wedding decor for any theme or style. Still not settled on a look? Scroll through our huge selection of accessories for ideas. From beachy to vintage, we offer accents that enhance the elegance, vintage appeal, or a shabby chic vibe of your wedding or reception. Pair our items with lighting, flowers, or fabric like lace, ribbon, and twine to make your decor stand out. Customize bottles with chalkboard paint or add fairy lights, paper lanterns, and planters for your own personal touch. Best of all, keep your decorations as a reminder of your big day and use your vases, baskets, and lighting as home decor.

Handmade Paper Banner Pennant Flags, 4 x 6 inch Triangles, 12 Pack
Price: $3.05
In stock
Marquee Metal Chalkboard Arrow Sign, 26.5 x 10.5 inches, Red
Price: $29.99
In stock
Agate Slices, Polished Natural Rock, Small, Purple, Assorted Set of 5
Price: $35.99
In stock
Mercury Glass Candle Holder, Hammered Vase, 6 inches, Silver & Bronze
Price: $15.35
In stock
Agate Slice, Polished Natural Rock Slab, Large, 8.5 - 10 inches, Purple
Price: $50.99
In stock
Apothecary Jars with Lids, Glass, Assorted, Clear, Set of 3
Price: $34.69
In stock
Burlap Ribbon, 4 inches x 10 yards, Rustic, Vintage, Wedding
Price: $8.95
In stock
Compote, Dessert Pedestal, Geometric Pattern, 6.5in, Porcelain, White
Regular Price: $19.75
On Sale For: $17.57
In stock
Decor Bon Bon Cake Stand, Scalloped Porcelain Pedestal, 10 inch, White
Regular Price: $83.55
On Sale For: $74.27
In stock
Glass Bottle Bud Vase, 5.25 in. tall x 2.75 in. wide, Blue, 4 pack
Price: $27.35
In stock
Hexagonal Vase, Ceramic Planter, 5 in. tall x 5.25 in. wide, Seafoam
Price: $7.75
In stock
Mercury Glass Votive Candle Holder, 4 in. tall, Hammered, Gold
Price: $5.45
In stock
Moss, Natural Reindeer Variety, Preserved, Green
Price: $30.75
In stock
Round Wire Baskets, Wood Handles, Linen Liner, Brown, Set of 3
Price: $27.99
In stock
Stemmed Bowls, 3.5 in. x 4 in. Vintage Pressed Glass, Assorted, 4 pk
Regular Price: $28.95
On Sale For: $28.77
In stock
Table Runner, Vintage Lace Accent, 36 inch Square, Pewter Gray
Regular Price: $37.99
On Sale For: $19.95
In stock
Two Sided Metal Chalkboard Easel, Free Standing, 41 x 19 x 13 inches
Price: $112.75
In stock
Vase Filler, Natural Beach Seashells Mix, 2.2 lb. bag, Multi Color
Price: $7.15
In stock
Mercury Glass Candle Holder, Hobnail, Scalloped, 3.5in, Rose Gold, 6Pk
Price: $30.45
In stock
Ornament, Acrylic Chandelier Drop, Crystal Cut, 7.5 in, Clear, 3 Pack
Regular Price: $7.95
On Sale For: $7.67
In stock