Decorative Lanterns & Accent Lamps

Give the gift of decorative lighting with these lamp lantern lights. Decorative lanterns and accent lamps are made from a variety of metals and come in styles ranging from antique white to hurricane. These lamps and lanterns are designed to be used with battery operated or electric lighting candle. Use lamps and lanterns with tiny battery operated led string lights for a “firefly” effect. Our lamps and lanterns are extremely popular commercial event planners for beach weddings. Pair classic candle lamps with shaped nylon lanterns to create a dream like effect for weddings, parties and special occasions.

Wire Bridal Bird Cage Wedding Card or Flower Holder Decoration, WHITE
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Wood Lantern with Flameless Pillar Candle, 6.25 x 15 in., Timer Feat.
Price: $32.44
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