New Year's Eve

New Year 2017

Decorate your New Year celebration with our LED lights and fiber optics! Add star filled spheres, silver or gold and curtain lights for a gala full of sparkle! See all our Holiday & Theme Lights.

Serving Tray, Distressed Metal Platter, 8 inch Square, Champagne Gold
Price: $10.95
In stock
Spiral Beaded Chandlelier, 2.5 ft., CLEAR
Price: $85.55
In stock
Mini Fiber Optic Centerpiece, Cube Base, 5.5 in. Tall, Battery, PINK, Set of 12
Price: $28.95
In stock
Rainbow Orb, Lighted  Color Changing Ball, 2.25 inch, Set of 12
Price: $48.65
In stock
Stick Candle, LED, 6.25 in, Battery, Silicone Tip, Indoor, White, 2 pk
Price: $5.25
In stock
Balloon Lights, 2-Pack, Blinking, White
Regular Price: $2.95
On Sale For: $1.55
In stock
Light Up Party Wand, Set of 12
Price: $28.85
In stock
Police Beacon Light, Rotating, 7 inch, 120V, Plug-In, Various Colors
Price: $17.45
In stock
Floralytes Submersible I, LED Floral Light, 10 Pack, Blue
Regular Price: $19.75
On Sale For: $14.67
In stock
Stars String Lights, Battery Operated, 7 Foot Silver Wire, Warm White
Price: $9.95
In stock
9' Batter Operated White Iridescent Ribbon with Muilti-Color LED
Regular Price: $20.95
On Sale For: $19.47
In stock
Thunderbolt Party Strobe
Price: $18.99
In stock
Bottlebeams Fiber Optic Bottle Lights, Battery Operated, White
Price: $4.99
Out of stock
Rope Lights, Indoor or Outdoor, Plug-in, 20 feet, Warm White
Price: $19.55
Out of stock
Chalkboard Wine Charms, 1 inch Square Tags, Place Cards, Set of 6
Price: $7.99
Out of stock
E-maxiLuminator LyteBase, 31 White LEDs, 8 inch diameter
Regular Price: $37.95
On Sale For: $34.37
Out of stock
Fiber Optic Party Centerpiece, Color Changing RGB
Price: $72.35
Out of stock
Spotlight, White LEDs, Remote Ready Uplight, Battery Op, Silver, 3 pack
Price: $86.95
Out of stock
Waterfall Chandelier with Light Kit, Faceted Gemstones, 11.5 inches
Price: $65.95
Out of stock
Faceted Ceramic Vase, Round Planter Pot, Geometric, 5.25 inch, Gold
Price: $9.05
Out of stock