LED Battery Operated String Lights

Untether your next lighting display with magnificent battery powered outdoor LED string lights for sale here. In mason jars or among flowers, LED battery operated string lights add the extra pop commercial event planners crave. Cordless lighting is also a lovely option for the home decorator who wants freedom and flexibility. No need to hunt for an outlet or attempt to hide extension cords. With battery powered LED string lights your creativity is unlimited. See all our String Lights.

Invisilite LED Fairy Lights, Multi Function, Green Wire, 11 Foot, Red
Price: $16.29
Out of stock
LED Fairy Light Ribbon, 6 Foot, battery Operated, Silver
Price: $6.49
Out of stock
LED Fairy Lights, Beaded, Battery Operated, 40 in. Silver Wire, Multicolor
Price: $11.45
Out of stock
LED String Lights, 30 Wide Angle Bulbs, Battery Op., Silver Wire, GREEN
Price: $5.99
Out of stock
Wide Angle LED String Lights, Battery Operated, Multi-Function Timer, Cool White
Price: $14.99
Out of stock
Fairy Lights, Submersible LEDs & Battery Pack, Floral Lights, 9 feet, Blue
Price: $13.45
Out of stock
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