Flameless Window Candles

Share the light of a flameless window candle with your entire neighborhood this Christmas. Window candles are a must-have for home decorators! Window candles are available in battery operated LED or plug-in electric. Look for energy efficient window candles that use a solar photo cell, or timer to conserve energy this Christmas season. See all our Flameless Candles and discover the History of Window Candles.

Stick Candle, LED Silicone Bulb, 8.5 inch, Battery Operated, White
Regular Price: $4.35
On Sale For: $4.13
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Suction Cup Candlestick Safety Candle Window Holder, 2 per pack, CLEAR
Price: $4.35
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Welcome Candle Lamp with Brass Base, 9 inch, Battery Operated
Price: $2.25
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Candle Lamp with Gold Base, 8 inch, Battery Operated, 2-pack
Price: $4.39
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Electric Candle Lamp, 9 in. Tall, Round Brass Base, Dusk-Dawn Sensor, Plug-in
Price: $5.95
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Candle Lamp, Silicone Tip Flickering Bulb, 9.75 inches, Plug-In
Price: $5.45
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Rustic Candle Lamp, Silicone Tip Bulb, 5 in., On/Off Switch, Plug-In
Price: $5.55
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