Floralytes Floral Lights

Acolyte's original Floralytes Submersible Floral Lights are an event planner industry standard and many can be operated using a remote. These lights are ideal for lighting water-based vases, elaborate centerpieces and floral displays at weddings and events. We offer the full line of floral lighting by Acolyte, including the popular Original Floralytes, Floralytes II and Floralytes Submersible. You'll also find the popular C-Lyte, E-Riser and more great floral illumination products by Acolyte. A great addition to Acolyte's Floralytes are the many lighted flowers, branches and vase fillers we offer.

Floralytes Submersible Sumix 9 LED Floral Lights, 3 Pack, Multi Color
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